Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I pinned something from my blog today

For the first time today I pinned something from my blog for a special purpose.  I'm so glad I did.  It brought to my attention that none of my pictures were pinnable!  Over each image it said:  "sorry, cannot pin this image."  I didn't even realize that people couldn't pin from any of my blogs.  Sorry to anyone who has tried, I just didn't know. 

Well, why couldn't anyone pin?  I had no idea why, so I googled it, and up popped this great blog post:  "Help!  My flickr photos are no longer pinterest friendly."  I love finding an easy solution.  It didn't take but a few clicks, and problem solved.  I had to change some settings, one of which was a "allow others to share your stuff on pinterest" option.  I clicked on "yes, that would be lovely." 

So, now, we are good to go.  Pin away! 


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