Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mom and Me Monday Hike: Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge

We have been enjoying some great hikes in the past few weeks. We were lucky to have very spring like weather for this one. The sunshine warmed us all up, so forgetting our jackets wasn't as bad as it could have been.


The views all around this hike were just beautiful because it was on a hill.


It was fun to find these words on the information boards throughout the hike.



Alex discovered these mushrooms.


 At the viewpoint we found "home."


 Another gorgeous view.

 The sun streaming through all the trees was just so pretty.


We were at the view point, and there was this little trail leading to that tree. Alex wanted to go check it out. He got partway there, and came back. I asked, what happened? He said there was a bee.


There was a little mud, but for the most part it was dry.


 The sun really came out good toward the end.


I was trying to get a picture of our feet, but Alex dropped the water bottle at the same time. Looks like I was trying to get a picture of the water bottle. Kind of silly.


Cool tree.


The viewpoint


The kids wanted to climb the tree to get a picture. We never got a good picture, and the rest of the group was leaving without us.


The 3 kids along for the hike. 




 Everything looked so green (that was supposed to be).


He really enjoyed this hike.


We found a sundial.


 We also found a skeleton of some sort.


A beautiful hike on a beautiful day. I really like it that way.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

P is for Pictionary

I am catching up on my past blogging through the alphabet posts from last year when I was doing our favorite games, so here is the letter P game, Disney Pictionary DVD edition.


It is a fun version of Pictionary with a DVD to add some real clips and pictures from Disney movies.


It doesn't just use the DVD, there is also drawing by team players too. It plays much like the classic Pictionary where you roll the die, draw a card, and pick the category that the color matches. If it says DVD, then the DVD draws for you.


To begin our day today I played with the 3 boys. Aaron and Alex were a team, and Aric and I were a team.


Alex was able to play this pretty well even though he is only 7. This is the first time that he's really played it "right." There is the timer on the TV for the person drawing.


We've had this game for a few years, but hadn't played it for a while. It was fun to take it out again, and enjoy a game morning for a break. Also, I think that takes care of art for the day!

P is for Pinewood Derby

I just realized that I never got around to posting about the pinewood derby in January. Perfect to go along with P for my abc blogging through the alphabet post!

Our cub scout pack holds a pinewood derby every January. When my boys receive their car kit in December they immediately start to work on their own unique design. Then the car usually sits in the box for a few weeks until it is finally taken out a week or two right before the big race. They spend many evenings working with their Dad getting it cut, painted, detailed, adding weight, and lots of other little details. The boys do their own work while their Dad shows them each step.

The car before the race

I'm always glad that Dad takes the time with them because I would probably tell them to paint it, slap the wheels and weights on it, and call it good. It's not that simple though, and my boys take great care to get their cars just right.


This year Aric chose to make a truck with some hockey team logos on it. He was the only boy to race from our family this year. Aaron has grown out of cub scouts, and was glad he didn't have to make a car until we got to the race, then he was wishing he could participate. Next year Alex will get to make one.

Aric won 1st place. He won 1st place last year too. The year before that Aaron won 1st place. I think our pack might be happy when we have no more boys from our family racing. I was kind of hoping we wouldn't win just so another boy could get it. But, only kind of. At the end it got kind of intense. When his car raced the other 2 top cars, I really wanted him to win at that point. It was fun to see his victory.


 We have a great group of boys in our pack. Cub Scouts is so fun.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

My weekly notebook: fleas, cursive, and hiking

Life this week...

Fleas. Our cat has fleas, and I learned that I cannot use those harsh chemical treatments. I've done it twice now, and both times I have reacted very severely (burning hot rash all over, racing heart). It wasn't fun, and I even used gloves the second time. I think just breathing that stinky stuff did it. Makes sense because that is how it gets to the fleas. Had to take Benadryl to calm down.  So, I'm looking for natural ways to get rid of fleas now. So far I've learned (from a quick internet search) that apple cider vinegar, dawn soap, and lemon all work to help get rid of them (not at the same time, of course). They don't keep them away, but we'll be trying some things out next time, and probably weekly to keep them away. I'd love some tips if you have any!

Homeschool this week...

We worked on a lot of review items this week mostly because I have signed up for a lot of great ones. See next heading.

Reviews we are working on...

We started CursiveLogic this week, and it might be my favorite right now. Not only is my 4th grader learning cursive, but I get a book too. I am having a lot of fun learning this method in my book, brushing up on my cursive, and coloring too! Full review coming in early March!


Drive Thru History Adventures is another we are reviewing right now. We are making our way through the American History episodes. The boys enjoy this one a lot. Review coming later this month (Feb.).


Helpful homeschool tips and advice to share...

Find peace in the simple things in  your homeschool. This is something I'm really trying to keep remembering. A simple lesson is great. A simple worksheet, call it good.

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

We spent a morning finding some local geocaches here in our little town of Woodburn. This picture below is one that is behind the outlet mall. Aaron is really getting into finding them right now.


We also went on another Mom and Me Monday hike. This was a neat place called Basket Slough National Wildlife Refuge. I will do a separate post with all the cool pictures from this hike, but here is one that I really liked. It was a nice day.


My favorite thing this week was...

Going to the Bob's Red Mill factory for a tour. I love how much gluten free stuff Bob has!


My kids' favorite thing this week was...

Starting music lessons at home. April is teaching Aaron to play the ukelele, and Aric the cello. Alex is starting piano with Hoffman academy. It's so fun to hear all the instruments being practiced each day.


I didn't get any pictures of him on the piano for his lesson, but here he is playing a game to help him learn piano theory. He's got Hot Cross Buns down pretty good!


Things I'm working on...

Catching up on some blog posts for the alphabet and 52 lists!

Random things the kids worked on...

Slime. There is an obsession with making slime in this house right now. We've had several batches made over the last few weeks. This was a foamy slime, made by Aric, that turned out pretty cool. Aaron has been experimenting with different ways to make it too.


What we're reading...

We are reading Valentine's books. We have no library books right now, and haven't been to the library in too long. So odd for us, and I realized we need to pick some books for this week to focus on so we'll be heading to the library Monday or Tuesday.

What's working/not working for us...

Not having enough time to get through all we need to do each day is not working. But something that is working is not having to go to a co-op each week. I do love all the time we now have at home with no co-op to go to anymore.

I'm grateful for...

Good car insurance.

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Monday, February 5, 2018

My current and future dreams and goals {52 lists} #4

I'm really good at dreaming, not so good at setting the goals, so I will split this up into 2 lists. My dreams and some goals I have for 2018.

  • Taking the family to Disneyland
  • Starting back into photography
  • Owning a business with my hubby
  • Traveling the country/world
  • A bigger house with possibly some land
  • Taking the family on a cruise
Goals I have for 2018:
  • More family home evenings
  • More spiritual moments in our home
  • Exercise and run/walk more (myself and my family)
  • Date nights with hubby and individual kids
  • Serve others more
  • Bring back art to our homeschool
  • Read books
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy more science experiments and lessons
  • Eat healthier
  • Eat out less
  • Learn how to cook healthier foods
  • Use my sewing machine more
  • Learn how to crochet (amigurumi)
  • Find peace within myself
I am happy to say that a lot of these goals are already happening, and 1 or 2 of the dreams may be on the horizon (in the works)!

52 lists with Olive & Plaid

What I am grateful for {52 lists} #5

I am grateful for...

  • Our health and wellness
  • My roof overhead
  • Food to eat each day
  • Water
  • Fun things to do outdoors (hiking, biking, beach)
  • The beauty of nature to be had while doing those fun things
  • Having the ability to stay at home with the children and take care of them
  • Friends
  • Exercise/the ability to move my body
  • Libraries
  • Rain
  • Sunshine
  • My husband and children
  • Gardens
  • Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter; each season and what it has to offer
  • Church
  • Computers
  • Books and the ability to read
  • Walks with my family
  • Having fun with my family
  • Vacation
  • Memories
I think this list could go on for a while. These are just the big ones. I do try to keep a running list in my journal of specific things I'm grateful for each day. Some days it's easy to list those out, and some days I really have to think about it. You know how that goes right? I'm always more grateful when I'm done though!

52 lists with Olive & Plaid

Friday, February 2, 2018

O is for Outside

We got outside this week! I've been itching to go on a little (or big) hike for a while now. We finally found an opportunity that gave us an excuse to get out.

I am part of some random homeschool groups on Facebook that have some sort of focus. One of the groups that I like join activities from quite often is an outdoors in Oregon with homeschoolers group. They have started Mom and me Monday hikes. This last Monday was the first, and we had a pretty good time.

The first one was in Dundee, OR. This is "wine country" here. There are a lot of hills and vineyards in this area, so we basically hiked to the top of a hill, checked out the Dundee cemetery, and then went back down. About a 1.5 mile round trip. Pretty doable for these kids. It ended up being a pretty good climb uphill for the way up though.

At the trailhead
The trail was very nice, and not too muddy. It wasn't raining until the very last little bit, it started sprinkling a bit.


My little Alex found a geocache. Good thing we grabbed a few goodies from the van, just in case. He found this one quite by accident. He was just looking around for something.


The view at the top from the cemetery was quite breathtaking. We walked through the whole cemetery too. We looked at headstones, names, dates (did a little math!), and wondered what awesome stories these people might have told. Some were very old, and some were newer. We could tell there were many family plots with several members of the family buried together. It was a great learning experience/exploration. I think all the kids had a good time. Even my boys who were dragging their feet before the hike both said they really liked the hike. Win!


Next time I am definitely remembering to wear my hiking boots which are more waterproof! My feet were very wet at the end of this hike. Hoping to get some nature studies in too!

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