Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For the dogs field trip/service project

We  watched a great movie on Sunday night called "The 12 dogs of Christmas." We decided after watching it last year that we really had to watch it again this year, and it was just as good this time around.  I think we may have to buy it.  Anyway, while watching the movie I got to thinking about something that we could do that related to dogs and Christmas to tie in with the movie.  Maybe a craft, or a project.  I thought of several things, but then it clicked.  We could go visit some dogs in an animal shelter.  Then I thought wouldn't it be nice if we could do something for the dogs while we are there.  So, I did a little bit of searching.  One shelter was doing a dog food drive, but it was closed on Monday.  So, I searched the animal shelter up North, and it was open on Monday but no food drive that I could see.  I did a little more searching, and found a link on their webpage for volunteer things that kids under 12 could do.  Perfect!  There were recipes for homemade dog treats, and they said we could bring them in anytime.  I wasn't sure if we'd get to feed them ourselves, but when we got there the lady at the front desk asked if we wanted to feed them to the dogs ourselves.  I was so glad!  All she said was to watch for the dogs that had a sign that said "no treats, allergies."  There weren't very many with signs.

So, we made 2 kinds of treats.  Cheesy dog cookies, and Peanut butter dog biscuits.  I never realized how easy it is to make homemade dog treats!  By the way, the cheesy ones were the favorite.  I could tell the dogs would go for those ones first, but they all were gobbled up.


Alex loved this!  He was pretty generous with those treats too!  As soon as he gave one to a dog, he was ready for another one.

It was so fun to walk through and see all the dogs.  I wish (so did the kids) that we could have taken one home with us.  I just don't know if we're quite ready for a dog again.

I'm not really sure why the chihuahua's were in these types of kennels.  We couldn't give them any treats.
This dog that April is feeding was my favorite.  Her name is Sandie.  It was fun to get to know all their names.

A close up of Sandie.  She was happily munching on her treat.
Alex getting in on the action.  He wasn't scared of the dogs at all, I had to watch him close.  We didn't have any problems though.
All gone!  We gave every last treat away.  Here the kids are standing in front of April's favorite dog "Ben."
Oh, and we visited the kitties too.  Actually we picked one to play with for a while, her name was Roxy.  It definitely wasn't this one, miss "I'm stressed" kitty.  Yeah, you can see that paw out ready to strike at any unsuspecting passer-by.  This cracked me up! IMG_2440
This was such a cool field trip, and service.  If we lived closer April could go and volunteer regularly when she turns 12.  I think she would like to do that, she loves animals.  We will definitely be making more treats for the animal shelter again next year!


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