Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tot school with Alex: letter Rr

Tot school has been pretty slow around here lately.  It took us a while to finish the letter R, but he's finally finished!  The theme was R is for rabbit, but we just pretty much did whatever.  Actually it started out with R is for rainbow, but ended with rabbit because we started our Peter Rabbit five in a row unit while he was still stuck on the letter R.  I guess it worked out.

So, to go with the rainbow theme, he had some rainbow sorting...

And, this fun stacking/nesting block activity: IMG_3016

some tot school printables for the letter Rr:

It was around Easter time so I got our fun egg activity out...IMG_3019

Letter Rr basket with rainbow transportation vehicles, and R letters to play with.IMG_3020

Having fun with the basket IMG_3015

Some other printables from Homeschool share for his alphabet notebook:  R for rocket that he decorated with glitter, a mini book with r words, little red riding hood story, animals that start with r, and a few nursery rhymes.IMG_3198

His R rabbit craft, which will also go in his alphabet notebook.

His letter Rr wall of fame.  It really is fun for him to see all of this up on the wall.  He walks by and he looks at it, and remembers what we talked about while doing each thing.

We have been working on Peter Rabbit five in a row for a few weeks, so that is one of the reasons it took so long for the letter Rr stuff to get done.  As we wrap up Peter Rabbit hopefully we'll get to the letter Bb next week!


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