Sunday, November 23, 2014

My homeschool mother's journal: the week of no pictures

Life this week...this week was a pretty quiet week.  I didn't take any pictures.  I don't know why, probably the combination of not much to take pictures of and my lack of desire to take any.  I have been feeling rather unmotivated lately which also explains the lack of blog posts here too.  My motivation picked back up on Friday.  That got me thinking a lot about motivation, and how annoyed I am that I haven't had much lately.  What keeps a homeschool momma going when she doesn't feel like going?  I'm pondering that question, and hoping I don't fall into that unmotivated, and blah trap again.  One real answer I have come across as I have been trying to figure out how to keep myself going is that I can't stop learning myself, and remember to focus on myself more.  I need to keep reading, learning, searching, and doing good things so I can keep myself inspired and motivated.  I'm not necessarily talking about "me" time, but I am in a different sense.  I am talking about the me time that includes me reading a good book, learning something new, or anything that keeps my mind growing and my spirit renewed.  Does that make sense?  It is hard though when time seems to just disappear each day!

In our homeschool this week...Yeah, did I mention that I haven't been feeling too motivated?  I think homeschool this week included art, math, and other randoms.  This is one of those weeks where I'm a little embarrassed to say that I'm not really sure what we did this week.  We did math at least 3 days this week.  We played a lot of board games.  April is working on memorizing the Declaration of Independence I think she has the first part done), and she started on her 13 colonies presentation of Massachusettes for our co-op.  She also read the book Johan Adams in one week!

Something I worked on this week...I started wrapping Christmas presents!  I find myself every year on Christmas eve wrapping presents until past midnight.  Well, not this year!  I started on them this week, and I'm hoping to wrap as I get them so I don't have to worry about it come Christmas eve.

Helpful homeschool tips or advice...keep going!  Even when you don't feel like you can.  Don't give up, and pray!

My favorite thing this week...watching my children (and the other children) present a story at our homeschool group for the public speaking class.  They couldn't use hand gestures, and they had to use their voice to make it interesting.  I didn't really do any preparations with them.  I told them to think of a story, and they told me the story they thought of, but we didn't practice or anything.  It was fun to see what came out, and how well they did!

My kids' favorite thing this week...Going to dinner at a friends house.  They loved playing with friends.

Places we went...Monday evening is now our busy time of the week.  I'm so glad it's in the evening though. April has violin and horses back to back on that night.  She is loving her new horse hang out.  We have started going to our Life academy co-op on Wednesday's again.  It has been fun to get back to friends there too.  On Thursday Aaron had his cub scout Pack meeting, and he got his bobcat badge.  He was very happy to finally get that.  On Friday we also go to our local homeschool group at the library.  We love that one too.  Then April went and played piano with a homeschool friend at his house before dinner at our friends on Friday evening.  It all worked out so good.  Saturday and Sunday were spent at home.  April and Dad were sick on Saturday.  So, we just hung out at home all weekend!

I'm cooking...I was finally successful at making crepes this week! I've tried a few times before, but they never came out.  They would break, or burn.  For some reason I couldn't make them work, but Monday morning I decided to give it a try again.  They came out really good, except that the pan has a hump in it so the batter would run everywhere so they were odd shaped.  They tasted good though, and the boys even had fun helping me.  They each got to cook one, and flip it.

What I'm reading...I am currently reading Farmer boy, one of the Little house on the prairie series. It is my goal to start picking up more books.  That is one of the things I haven't been doing lately to keep myself motivated, and I'm needing to change that.

What my kids are reading...Aaron started a Magic treehouse book, Thanksgiving on Thursday, this week. My little boys enjoyed Fritz and the Beautiful Horses tonight at bedtime.  I am not sure what April is reading right now.  I know she just got a book that recently came out, but I can't remember what it is.  I'll let you know!

I'm thankful wonderful family.  I am truly blessed to have all these people in my life!


I guess there is at least 1 picture!  I had to include some of our really cute family pictures.  I'm thankful to have such great family pictures turn out this year. 

How was your week?


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