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Amazing Name Video (A REVIEW)

Amazing Names by CrossTimber
A name is a pretty amazing thing to have, but I wonder if we sometimes don't think about how special our names are, especially our children. Do they know how special their name is, what it means, how they got it? I never thought about these questions until this review came up, and I realized that I'd never really told my youngest about his name, and why we named him that. For this review, we received a fun little video from CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts that explains all about my son Alex's name in a fun interactive way. It had us both smiling and laughing with fun characters like a pencil, an owl, some stars, and more.

The opening to "Alex's Amazing Name Story" video.

After I sent in all my son's information about his name, I was sent a personalized digital copy of Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! via e-mail for my son to watch. It also came with some fun pages featuring his name that I could print up. That was a fun addition to an already fun video.
Printables with my son's name on them with different activities like mazes, and coloring pages.

For CrossTimber to make the video I needed to submit some personalized information about my son including his full name, a picture, and a piece of artwork that he created to be used throughout the video. My son loved seeing all these things pop up throughout the video. Especially his artwork. That is so fun. What's even better is that it is shown all throughout the video. I like how it was weaved into the story.

A piece of my son's artwork popped up in the video and he loved it.
Throughout the video, the child learns the origin and meaning of their name as well as why names are important. They follow along with a pencil as he talks to different friends (animals) and tries to uncover the truth about the child's name. There is also a personalized letter read to the child about how and why their parents picked the name they did. It's a short letter that the parent submits when ordering the video. I really enjoyed thinking about, writing, and seeing that come to life in the video. My son did too.

This is the origins of my son's name. He also received a separate letter about how his name was picked and why.

My son, whom this video was personalized for, is 8-years-old. He is on the upper end of the age range for this video, and he enjoyed it even though it is geared for younger children. I think a good age range for this product would be up to 8 or 9 years old. Much after that, and they might think it's too cheesy. I guess it depends on the kiddo, but that's my recommendation. Still a great video for that age range.

Alex watching his video. He had his pages to look at as well.

This is a very educational, personal, and fun video. The animations are great, the story is cute, and there are even some puns/jokes that made both of us laugh. If you'd like a fun gift for your child that's different from the usual toys this Christmas, this might be a fun and meaningful thing to give them. There are scriptures and references to God all throughout, so it is a very meaningful way to help your child learn the spiritual ties to their names too.

If you'd like to see what others had to say about this product, you can click on the image below.

Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! {CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts Reviews}
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