Saturday, November 3, 2012

weekly wrap-up: 2 weeks ago

This is a sampling of our week before last (last weeks will hopefully come soon).

Aric:  Preschool
He had some scarecrow activities, and one of his activities went perfect with our inchimals.  He likes playing with the inchimals.  He was supposed to count with the scarecrow and crow squares, but we ended up counting with inchimals.  He made the pattern on the bottom with the scarecrow/crow pictures.

He made this 3D pumpkin life cycle craft I found on Teachers pay teachers.  He sure loved doing it.  It is a cute decoration too.
He received his last BabbaCo box, and of course was excited to get right to doing the activities.  I'm sad that these boxes don't come with more activites, which is why we decided to stop getting them.  They are fun though.  This month's theme was "detective."  Here he is making a matching game.  I can't remember the tie that this had with "detectives", but it had a cute story.
Aaron: 1st grade
Aaron wanted to play the matching game that Aric just made.  He had a hard time concentrating on his own school work, so I let him take a break and play it.

roll a sentence, he did this several times throughout the week

Tot school:  I'm excited to say that I've started some official tot school for Alex.  It's nice to have some things ready for him to do at the table with us.  These are his trays (I only filled 4 for the first week)... IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2051 IMG_2055 IMG_2056

Since I needed the trays for Alex, I had to figure out some new workboxes for Aric.  So, I grabbed this tower of drawers from Wal-mart for a quick solution.  These move around with the wheels, which is good and bad.  I really don't have anywhere to put them, so they get moved around.  But, they are working for now.  When I have more space I'll probably get something different.



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