Saturday, November 23, 2013

Portland aerial tram

Our little adventure field trip today was riding the Portland tram as a family!  We have been talking about trying it for a few years, and every time we drive up through Portland and pass it my kids remind/ask me "when are we going to go on that thing"?  Well, we've never had a need (thankfully!) to be up at OHSU hospital, so we've just never done it.  But today we did it just for fun.  We needed something fun to do today while we were out and about having my birthday lunch, so we decided this was it!

The kids were pretty excited when they finally figured out where we were going.  I started getting worried when I started thinking about the reality of getting into this thing.  Who's idea was this anyway?  I have a pretty bad fear of heights.  Nobody else in my family does.  Everybody was oohing and aaahing without any worry.  That's okay, I survived.  We all did, and it was a fun adventure with beautiful views. 

Top row:  1-Alex wasn't scared at all!  2-the stickers that the operator gave the boys.  3-Aaron thought it was awesome.  Middle row: The other tram going down while we were going up.  Bottom row:  1. April and Aric ready to go. 2. Mt. Hood was so white with all the new snow!  3. The freeways and city all looked so neat.

It's amazing that some people ride this thing on a daily basis to get up to the hospital.  What a beautiful view to have each day!


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  1. We've ridden this quite a few times and I still don't really like it. I'm just thankful we've never ridden on a windy day! My kids really loved it the first few times and now it's no big deal to them which makes me smile. You guys had a beautiful day for your ride.


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