Monday, March 3, 2014

Pointillism painting

Our art lesson last week was about Pointillism.  We were going to learn about this with our homeschool group at the library, but I was sick so we did it all at home instead.  We started off by watching this video.  My boys were super excited to get to work after watching it.

We looked at some George Seurat paintings.
Including this one.


 Then we worked on a few art projects.  I pulled out the paints, and let them choose a few colors.  We started out by trying to create a flower like in the video above.


Then we did a color wheel project from Harrington Harmonies.


 Aaron asked if he could create his own pointillism picture.  Yes, of course!  He made this chicken and egg.


They all really enjoyed painting by dots.  It took some patience for the 2 younger ones, but they really did good!


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