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Weekly wrap-up: March 7

A glimpse of our week...

~Aric with his earth, marshmallow and toothpick tetrahedron, April's violin for lessons, a cork science experiment, a bull craft~
 We had a lovely week.  It only got rough on the few days it was super rainy, and we all got a little stir crazy.  Our main theme for the week was our row of "The Story of Ferdinand" for our Five in a row studies.  We did a lot of fun things, but we still haven't finished "rowing" it, so I'll share a post on that soon.  We also did some more ancient Greece history (read part of ch. 20 of SOTW), earth science (studying the planet earth), measuring for math, and a visit to Spain for Geography.

April started violin lessons today (Friday).  I think she's going to really love it.   We are also jumping back into our Life academy co-op since life has smoothed out a bit since Hubby's surgery.  So, we went down to Salem and April had her audition for the Shakespeare play.  She recited a monologue, and sang a song of her choosing "supercalifragilisticexpealidocious".  Although she would rather not have a singing part, she was a trooper and sang anyway.  She is so excited that we get to get back into co-op, and that she gets to be in the play in May.  I am too.  We missed going so much.  Things are going to get busy here over the next few months with rehearsals and stuff.  It'll be good for her though.  She really needs to finish out this whole Shakespeare experience by being in the end of the year play.


I gave April a math project this week, and she chose this marshmallow tetrahedron building activity from Almost Unschoolers.  She needed a little hands on fun.  She had to learn what a tetrahedron was, and figure out how to build one.  She enjoyed this project a lot.



All the other math that I did with the boys was mostly activities to go with our FIAR unit, so I'll share that math in a different post.


One of our science activities for the boys this week was the layers of the earth.  We made a playdoh earth with all the layers.  They had a great time making their "earth."

adding the layers

Aric's completed earth

Time to slice through and see the layers!

Aaron's completed earth.

Tada!  The layers looked pretty cool.

Alex didn't let me finish getting the crust on.  We ran out of the green and blue anyway.  He loved this playdoh activity.

Then Alex combined the 2 projects and made this toothpick/playdoh creation.  He called it a tree.


 Real life:

There's a lot we didn't get to this week, and a lot that I didn't get any pictures of (like history) because there wasn't much to it.  I really wish we could get more done in a day.  I sometimes wonder how some families can get so much done in a day.  I tried doing the one subject a day all this week to give it another try.  It works great for my brain, and organization, but I just don't feel like we are doing enough.  It's also that my boys are little, and they have a hard time with "doing school" especially for long periods of time.  So, that's my real life for this week...  we didn't get through nearly as much as I'd hoped we would.

How was your week?  Hope it was good!

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  1. This quote made me laugh. "I sometimes wonder how some families can get so much done in a day." I was just reading your post and thinking I'm a total slacker. :)

    1. I hate blogging for that very reason. It can look like we did a lot, but this is most of it. We failed to get much writing in, if any. I guess my point was we just don't get as much of the actual "school work" in. We do a lot of projects, and we miss a lot of subjects. Guess I need to balance more.

    2. I'm sure you are hardly a slacker!


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