Sunday, April 13, 2014

Homeschool favorite: baseball and homemade watercolors

I am still here!  I decided to take a little blog spring break.  Turned out to be a month long, but it was so good for me especially as the busy spring season picks up. I enjoyed the time off, but I'm happy to get back to sharing some of our homeschool life lately!

We started baseball season last week with a local homeschool league.  It is my homeschool favorite this week because I just love that we have this opportunity to play ball with other homeschoolers. 


Alex isn't old enough to be on one of the teams, but he has a great time playing for 2 hours at the park while his brothers and sister are practicing.  He had fun practicing with our t-ball stand for a while.


It's going to be a great season!


Another favorite was actually from a few weeks ago.  We made homemade watercolors!  This was so much fun, and my boys loved mixing up their own colors.  Painting with them was even more fun!

We used this homemade watercolor recipe:  Allparenting homemade watercolors.


What is a favorite from your homeschool this week?


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