Tuesday, May 19, 2015

LEGO club at currclick

I was on currclick's website the other day looking for some new ideas, and Aric saw the ad for a free LEGO club for homeschoolers.  He said "wait, what's that?"  I told him what it was, and he said sign me up! So, I did.

The meeting was on Monday.  So, this is what our Monday morning looked like.  We brought all the LEGO's out to the living room because we had a list of pieces to find for his first club meeting.  As a side note...I think I'll leave the LEGO bins out in the living room again.  They weren't really playing with them when I moved them back to their room.  Now that they are out again, they are actually getting played with again.

It's a great creative outlet for my boys.


We were able to find most of the pieces he needed just before the meeting. It pays to have tons of LEGO's in situations like this!  I was glad we could find them.


 The theme was rainforests, and here is his completed project, a rainforest research center.

 The colors don't all match perfectly, but oh well!  He loved it, and had fun and that's what matters.  I'm glad he wasn't worried about the colors being perfect.  I've already got the printouts for June's meeting so we can start finding the pieces over the next few weeks!


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