Sunday, May 22, 2016

52 Lists: This summer's goals...(week 20)

Since summer is practically here this is a perfect time to think about how our summer will look, and some of my goals for myself, and the family, and our schooling.

We don't have any great plans for the summer, just hanging at home mostly. We have a few camping trips planned, and that's about it. Along with the kids' various church and cub scout camps. I am hoping for some quiet this summer. Some time to catch up, and breathe. But, I also want to have fun with the kids, and just enjoy the long summer days. I am also hoping to get some home improvement projects done too, but we'll see.


School-ish summer stuff...

1. Have a fun art day with the kids, and maybe invite others to join us.
2. Read/listen through the Little house series with the boys. Do some fun activities to go along with them.
3. Math and Science will continue through the summer. We have some catch-up to do!
4. Writing in a summer journal
5.  Summer reading programs
6. Lotsa science experiments


Fun Summer Stuff...

I found a fun idea at Almost Unschoolers to get a box (or basket in our case), and fill it up with fun stuff to do throughout the summer. Just so you have something on hand to pull out when you need a little something to do. So, we'll probably be filling it up throughout the summer as things are done, I will add new things. Some of our other summer goals are...
  1. Learn some survival skills
  2. Find the wishing tree in Portland (April wants to do this)
  3. Go frisbee golfing
  4. Go berry picking
  5. Go to a drive-in movie
  6. make yummy popsicles
  7. Camp in a tent
  8. Pinterest fun--things that look fun on pinterest that we want to give a try.
  9. Possibly have a garage sale (the kids have been asking to do this for forever)
  10. Backyard fires with s'mores
  11. Family fondue night
  12. And more... (I will add to this list as I think of more)

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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  1. This looks like a summer filled with fun! I haven't been to drive-in moving in ages. I'm not even sure that we have one in any nearby city either. Have fun with Little House!


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