Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Aaron!

Today was Aaron's birthday. We celebrated his special day as a family today, and last Saturday he had his "friend party". Today was also spent taking books to the charter school office and finalizing April's grades, and Costco (not the funnest way to spend a birthday day, but it's life!). But, before and after that I let him have lots of free computer time since it was his birthday.

Usually we take the birthday child out to a special family dinner for their birthday. This has become sort of a tradition. I didn't get any pictures of our dinner out, but it was a good time. He was actually rather grumpy today, and kept saying he didn't want to go out to eat. What?!! Not sure what was up with that. In the end though he had a good time I think.

Aaron's friend party...

I had planned to have his party somewhere fun this year, but silly me didn't schedule it first, and waited too long. It was all booked! So, I had to change it over to our house just a few days before. I quickly made it into a Wii theme because that goes with his "gaming" theme he really wanted. He was excited to be able to play Wii with his friends.

I came up with this cake very last minute. Like within an hour of the party starting. Yep, it's no prize winner, but it worked!



We had pizza for lunch, and then the boys decided they wanted to start with playing Star Wars Risk. I am not used to these older kid parties! I only scheduled a 2 hour party, and that was clearly not enough time. These boys barely got through half the game before we had to have cake and open presents.


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!



Opening presents is always the best.  He was so grateful during this present opening. I was impressed at his attitude, and proud of him.


Star Wars LEGO sets, exactly what he wanted...


His brother Aric gave him one of his old Skylanders.


This present is the best. We wrapped up a Disney Princess Wii game. But, it was just a disguise for the little piece of paper inside that has a picture of a bike that was really his present from us. He was sure surprised at first, then started laughing. He had no idea until he opened it up.


We had to give him some instructions to open it up. He was ready to toss it aside.


That's one happy boy! He was sure relieved when he saw that it wasn't really just a princess game.


Finally, onto the Wii playing. They only got like 15 minutes to play Wii. They were kinda bummed, but good sports about it. I am still amazed at how fast this party went. It was a lot of fun, and very simple. I like simple.


They had fun playing MarioKart together.



After everyone went home Aaron got to try out his new bike. He was over the moon about it.



Of course the biggest reason he got such a big gift was because we need to pass his current bike down to the next boy. He wasn't so thrilled about that. Of course, Aric was thrilled so he had to try his out too.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

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