Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elk field trip

We went to Rosse Posse acres elk farm, and petting zoo.  I learned a ton on this field trip!  It was amazing, and very interesting.  I won't say a lot because I have a lot of pictures to do the talking, but I learned new terms and how they relate to elk, like velvet, hard antler, and much more.  I also learned that elk are very aggressive.  She told a few stories that are pretty gruesome, so it was evident to stay away from the fences, and not to stick any hands or anything into them.  I never knew that.  But, now I don't want to meet an elk in the forest!

Anyway, this lady was awesome.  She first told us about how she homeschools her kids, and then she told us a lot about elk, and a few of the elk at her farm.

We started in the barn where we saw the wall of racks.  It was impressive.  These are racks from 3 consecutive years for some of the elk.


The kids were very interested the whole time. IMG_1348

A funny picture


Time to see them! They came from way out in the trees when she called. She had to call a few times, and then they took their time.  IMG_1357

These are the 1 year old elk. IMG_1358 IMG_1360 IMG_1363 IMG_1365

These are the big guys!  She bottle fed this one that she is about to pet, so he is very friendly to her.  In fact she said that she had a hard time convincing him that he was an elk and not a human.  An interesting thing she said was imprinting.  Apparently he had imprinted on her since she bottle fed him from the start because of unfortunate circumstances.IMG_1368 IMG_1370

These are the ladies.  We were told to stay back from them as well.  They can be pretty mean too.

Time for the petting zoo...

 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1378

I had a hard time not wanting to go right out and get Aaron a puppy after this. He just loved all the animals, and then he loved holding this puppy. I wish I liked dogs just so he could have one. IMG_1380


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