Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our school room...

Is not the room we actually "do school" in.  We do most of our school work here:

The dining room table (sorry, I could have made it all pretty and organized for this picture, but I guess this is how it looks 90% of the time, so I left it)


With our workboxes next to it, and a large chalkboard that we can hardly get to :-)  We are so cramped!  But, I'm thankful for it anyways.

IMG_0766 Our calendar is usually floating around the living room on the art easel somewhere. IMG_1327 And, we have some of our "morning time" stuff on the wall of the living room... P6131483

As well as our 100 days of school chart...


Also, housed in our living room are 4 bookshelves with all of our reading books, picture books, magazines, and all other books.  This picture makes me cringe, I KNOW it needs some major reorganization, and I'm slowly working on a shelf at a time.  See the top left shelf, it's organized :-)  I at least have one done, right?  That next shelf with the picture frames will be next, and will be pretty easy. 


The living room/dining room is where most of our sit down schooling takes place, but I do feel like we learn all over the place, outside, at the library, on family trips, in the car, wherever!

Now for the room that I consider "our school room". This room is basically our school supply storage room. It holds all the arts/crafts supplies, school workbooks and curriculum, computer, piano, and paper supplies. I just did some major organization of this room. Although it's not perfect yet, it's much better than it was! We don't really do our schooling in here unless it's computer stuff, or (new for this year) April practicing her piano.

This is the bookshelf that holds all the homeschool learning books, workbooks, and reference books.  It includes all past curriculum that I can still use that hasn't been put in storage or given away.  Getting this shelf organized was so nice, and made me realize that we have a lot of workbooks!  Too many probably.  I have decided that we need no more workbooks, we have enough to pull from for a while.

Having a labeler has come in so handy!  I'm working on slowly getting things labeled, and used it as much as possible while organizing this room. IMG_1314

On the left are the plastic drawers and bins storing various supplies, and preschool manipulatives.  On the right is the shelf with each child's curriculum box.  I keep their current curriculum books in these boxes so I can find them easily.


Look even our youngest pupil, Alex, has a box!  His is empty of course, he's got a little while before he has "curriculum."


The bins on top hold paper.  I have loved having these curriculum boxes.  I pull from these boxes easily to fill their school workboxes.


The closet in this room holds yet more storage boxes of supplies, paints, and other various things.  It's really pretty messy, but I organized the top shelf!  I didn't do much in this closet while organizing the room.  That'll have to wait until another day.  I do have a lot of stuff from over the years!

IMG_1318 Here's the piano now.  It used to be in April's room, then we moved it out into the living room, then back to April's room, but there was no room for it anymore.  So, now it's in here across from... IMG_1319 The computer.  I didn't really touch this part of the room either, so it's pretty cluttered here.  I'm looking forward to listening to April practice while I'm on the computer in the evenings.IMG_1321 So, there you have it.  Our learning spaces.  If you'd like to see others, you can click on the button below!

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  1. Wow! You've got some great storage space! Blessings for a great school year!

  2. I am lusting over your school room. Such great organizing, wall hangings, lots of books, etc. Great job. You have a great blog. I look forward to reading more of it. Thank you for your sweet comments.


  3. Its not crowded..just cozy. i love the picnic table, what a clever idea. Those large white tubs are awesome.


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