Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All the rest...

We did more than just apple stuff last week.  Here is a peek at a few other things that the kids did for school.

April made a veggie tray, and veggie dip.  She learned all about nutrition, and why vegetables are important.  How to know if veggies are bad, and some other veggie tips from her girls lessons in responsibility.  She had a lesson in how to cut up carrots, broccoli, and celery for a veggie tray.  She still won't eat veggies, but she loved doing this. 
My cute little tot schooler Alex is loving being right up on the table with us.  He was loving this peg board this week, and so was his brother.
Aaron started his all about reading level 1 lessons.  He was very excited about starting this when he saw me getting it ready.  This is how he looked toward the end of the lesson 1.  Not happy.  But, the next lesson went a little better.  I think this boy is too stubborn for his own good.  He just needs to READ!

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