Friday, September 14, 2012

Field trip: The Oregon Garden

We love homeschool days at The Oregon Garden.  I think it's great when places like this offer these kinds of opportunities for homeschoolers.  So, we packed up some lunches, and headed to Silverton to enjoy a day out in the cool breeze, and sunshine.  It was a beautiful day!

This field trip always feels like the big kick off for our school year to me.  We try to go every year, and this was our 3rd time going.  They do the same stations pretty much, with a little variation, but my kids still always learn something new.  They love to go around to each station and get a stamp too.  It's a pretty place with a lot of beatufiul nature to take in all at once.

All these kids looked like they were ready for adventure!


April took this picture of the yellow flower.


All these oranges, yellows, and reds were so pretty together. 

Okay, one more.


This is always the best station, and well loved by my kids.  They get to explore what lives in a pond.  My boys nearly jumped when I found a crayfish with the net.


Learning about trees, pine cones, and leaves.  They learned that a Douglas Fir pine cone looks different than other pine cones.


The children's play area.  It's a fun area with a little grass hill that has a tunnel under it for the kids to crawl through.  I thought this display was fun.

Aric having fun with what looks like a little telescope.

One of the stations was all about preventing forest fires, and they had a forest fire truck there.  April and Aaron got to hold the hose and aim at a bucket.



Aaron was brave enough to try to fresh herbs at one of the stations.  Here he is trying mint.

He likes it!  He said it wasn't bad, and he could really taste the mint.  Then, he gave the rest to me.  I couldn't taste it, but I have poor tastes because of my stuffy nose all the time.
It was a great day of nature study! 


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