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Five in a row: How to make an apple pie and see the world

We had a great time with this book, and our apple unit study.  I have to say this is probably our first complete row of any book.  I've done it in bits and pieces before of some FIAR books, but have never really dived into it like we did with this one.  It was pretty neat.  I really love having so much of our school day wrapped around a book, and/or many books that revolve around the same subject.  We focused on How to make an apple pie and see the world, but we read other apple books each day too.  I'm also happy to report that we actually read the book for 5 days!  (not 5 days in a row though, five days total in the last week in a half).  That was a first, and it's amazing how much it really helps them to get to know the story.  I loved that!

The very first thing we did was pick apples.  This happened last week, the week I planned to row, but real life took over, so we had to put the rest of our apple pie row on hold until next week.  I was so glad it turned out that way though!  I was able to better prepare, and get ready for it.

Picking apples with the kids is becoming a fun tradition for us.  We went on a Monday morning, and it was beautiful.  The kids love to pick their apples, and those buckets fill up fast!
I love this picture!
The apples looked so plentiful on the trees!
Social Studies: Geography
We are probably the only homeschool family that doesn't have a map up on the wall.  I just don't have a big enough wall space, that is convenient to see, but we do have a globe!  So, we located each stop in the book where she finds each ingredient for the apple pie.  I colored a story disk from the FIAR manual for each spot, but later I found already nicely made story disks from homeschool share.  

Geography:  Memory Game and flags
Then we played the memory game to try to remember what mode of transportation was taken, to where, and what ingredient was found there.  I printed this version from the Five in a Row circle.  It was pretty helpful.  April was able to remember all of them, and put them in order pretty easily.  And, yes, she participated a lot in these activities, she loved it too!
Then the boys had their turn.  I turned the cards over so they could match the numbers up.  It was too overwhelming for them the other way.  They were kinda done with this game at that point too.  So, I just did it with them real fast. boysmemorygame
Aaron worked on coloring the flags for each country that she visited.
Art:  Street Scenes
I just loved this idea of re-creating the street scenes like in the book with the market, bakery, etc. all lined up along the street.  I was also very excited that homeschool share had printables for this, and included pages to create a street scene out of paper bags.


 All my kids really loved this.  At first I was going to have all 3 create one street scene, but they all wanted to do their own!  So, we have 3 street scenes in various places in the house.  This was really a fun project, and I enjoyed watching them take this project and use their imaginations too.

First, we looked at the street scenes in the book, and talked about how you see stores like this sometimes in big cities all lined up.  Then, we gathered some brown paper bags.  Although, it would be fun to use colored ones too.

Here's Aric's street scene.  He decided to make it "Gotham city" (notice the batmobile).  Then he was telling me the story of how Batman was going to the market or something.  It was a very cute story.
  April was very excited about creating these little stores. This is the picture before...
...she added her horses.


Art:  drawing
Aaron is using the Draw, Write, Now books this year, so I had him draw a chicken since it goes right along with the story.  He even drew the eggs under his chicken!  I also found these great printables from 1+1+1=1 that has the words outlined for him to copy with his picture.  He still has a hard time with all that writing with the pictures, but this works wonderfully for him.

IMG_1615 IMG_1614
Science: Salt and evaporation 
We did the salt evaporation experiment as suggested in the manual, and took pictures of each step to include in the mini book for the lapbook.
We left it in the pan, and as of today (day 5), it looks exactly like it is supposed to...

 That was most of what we did with the book How to Eat an Apple Pie and See the World.  We also did a lot of apple things.

The older two labeled the parts of an apple using the "Apples" book by Gail Gibbons.


We learned how to peel, core, and slice an apple with one awesome machine.



Apple KWL (What do you know, want to know, and what did you learn)
I decided to give this a try.  It turned out really neat, and it was fun to see the questions they came up with.
We made apple suncatchers for the window


Apple pie crafts by April and Aric

Aric made a paper plate apple pie
April's apple pie for her American girl dolls
Aric counted apples on the tree


We made apple pie playdough, and the kids loved the smell of it.  It was a favorite of the little ones.  Aric also made the letter Aa on his A is for apple playdough mat.
 April worked on apple fractions.  From left to right:  she cut them in quarters first, the apple star, and the book she used Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta.
Cutting the apple into 8ths, a sideview of the apples in cool form, and the kids planting an apple seed.

We have yet to make our apple pie, but we are looking forward to it real soon!


Whew!  That was a lot, and I'm so very thankful it all came together.  I learned a lot about planning for future Five in a Row studies also.  I am looking forward to the next row!  But, I think we'll take a break for a week :-)

I'm also linking this up with Delightful Learning's Five in a Row link up:

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Much thanks to Our homeschool fun, and Delightful Learning for most of the ideas and inspiration, and links to other great places with ideas!
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  1. Looks like a fun unit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful Row. I wish we had you pick apple orchards here. :(

  3. You did a spectacular job, and look at all the things your kids learned. Ilove that you let your little guy be involved, they are ready for more than most people think.?I really appreciate all the wonderful pictures, it helps as Im a mom who needs to see things. Thank you so very much


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