Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snowflakes! (story and art)

I have some time with just my boys on Tuesday afternoons while April is at her art class.  For that time I usually try to do some art with them that goes along with a story, or our five in a row book of the week.  This isn't a five in a row book, it was just a fun winter book that I came across on 1+1+1=1.  We didn't get around to it for family night, so it was the perfect time on Tuesday afternoon last week to do it.  I loved sitting with my boys and reading this book!

The Tiny Snowflake by Arthur Ginolfi: This is a story about a snowflake who feels different from all the other snowflakes, and isn't sure that's a good thing.  She wonders what her special gifts from God are, and how she can sparkle like the others.  My boys didn't quite get how this applies to them, maybe a little.  We'll have to read it again next year, and see if they've figured it out!


Then we made tin foil snowflakes (idea found here)
Aric's snowflake.  He wanted a circle around his snowflake for some reason.  I also ended up finishing his because he wanted to make a moon instead (as you can see down below).

Aaron's snowflake, and he decided a moon would look pretty neat too.  Moon??  I have no idea where the moons came from, but we're homeschoolers, we go with the flow :-)  Oh, and yes our snowflakes have one too many lines.  We were only supposed to use 3 lines to make a six sided snowflake.

Aric's moon...

My snowflake, I like to do it too!IMG_2778

Just for fun we also have these in our window.  I found these star wars snowflakes on pinterest, and printed a few to try out for Aaron.  I had to do the cutting because they are pretty detailed, but the boys sure like them.

R2D2 snowflake...

C-3PO snowflake...IMG_2783

We're having some winter fun here, but I am sure looking forward to warming up soon!

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