Friday, January 25, 2013

Tot school fun

It has been kinda fun to see Alex this week take such a big interest in the crafts, and school time.  He's starting to really get into needing more activities set aside.  These were all spontaneous, I have not really been putting any effort forth for Tot school, but I'm thinking I'm going to start soon!

He insisted on painting when his brother's were painting for a Katy and the big snow project.  He did this for a good while, and was so good about not getting paint too messy.

We got a new sand/water table that I'm very excited about too.  This was the first day we had it, so I just put this peanut transferring game in it for fun.  Now it's full of beans!  He loved transferring the peanuts.  It took him a while to figure out the squeezing part though.


We made some signs (another Katy and the big snow project), and he loved it.  He figured out the process real fast, and insisted on putting all the signs on the sticks, and then sticking the sticks into the clay.  He ended up finishing Aric's who lost interest in making the signs and just wanted to play with clay.  Too funny!IMG_2809 He also seems to love squeezing glue!  He joined right in on this glue and salt craft!  I love seeing him be so into our school time like this!  IMG_2818 Now if I could just have more time to plan some activities and get them ready for him! 


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