Thursday, March 21, 2013

Apple pie day

We joined fellow homeschoolers from all over Oregon at the Salem Capitol building today for homeschool apple pie day.  It's a day where homeschoolers go and show our local government that the homeschool freedoms we have work and are important to so many families.

We made 2 pies to donate, took a tour of the Capitol building, and that's as far as we made it before we got a call that the chickens were out in the front yard (the gate got left open) so we had to leave.  Unfortunately we missed the big homeschool rally out in front of the capitol building.  But, I can say that it was probably for the best since Alex (2) was throwing fits within 5 minutes of arriving, and the whole time we were there was kinda difficult with him.  I'm glad we got to see what apple pie day is like though!  It was our first year going.

Our 2 apple pies before we took them in.  Thankfully they re-wrap them inside with some special wrapping that looks way cooler than ours :-)

My cuties at the front of the building.  All the homeschoolers looked so nice all dressed up.

It was really not too bad for weather.  A little chilly, but it wasn't raining!  I was thankful for that. IMG_3044

We signed in, took the tour of the building inside, and then went outside to get some pictures and eat our lunch.  Loved all the blossom trees!

There's the capitol building in the background.  I didn't have the right lens to get everything in the pictures.  My kids look so happy, right?  We really were happy to be there.

Loved getting pictures of these guys all dressed up.

Unfortunately this is when we got the message about the chickens.  The rally wasn't supposed to start for an hour, so we had to get home to make sure the chickens were okay.

Running around outside the capitol grounds was pretty neat on the way back to the car (which was a mile away). IMG_3046

We walked down this walkway.  I wanted to stay and take tons more pictures, it was just so pretty.  But, we had to boogie.

I really just wanted to get one more handsome boy picture before we headed out, and this is what I got.  No time to get a smile out of him!


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