Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tot school: Letter O for owl

Alex is 26 months

This is our 2nd official week of tot school.  First official week with tot school printables.  I wasn't sure how he'd take to printables yet, but decided to go for it.  This kid amazed me and blew me away with how much he could do, and was ready for.  I printed up the printables keeping in mind I would only introduce them and see what he does.  I wasn't in any way going to push anything because I wasn't sure if he was ready for lots of sit down sheets of work.  He wanted to do every. single. page. I put in front of him.  I was amazed with his abilities, and desire to do all these.  Oh, and keep in mind that I had him doing only 3 different sheets per day.  He would just do them over and over again on that day if he could.
First of all we started with the letter Oo.  I decided that I didn't want to start with Aa because I didn't want to go back to the beginning of the alphabet again.  I am going to mix it up for him so we can match letters with themes, or just do whatever letter floats his/my boat.  So, we did Oo is for owl and ostrich this week.

He picked up the sound of Oo pretty quickly, and it's a pretty easy letter to figure out how to trace too.  He wanted to do this tracing page several times.

See there he goes, blowing me away with how well he could trace that O.IMG_2894 IMG_2896

He followed lines...IMG_2899

He tried some shapes... IMG_2900

He stamped some Oo's.  He loved this!  We said the sound as he stamped away.IMG_2936

He was introduced to different colors as he colored each ostrich a different color.  Again, I was amazed at his patience with this.  He was definitely ready for this tot school time.IMG_2947

He made a train of ostrich's.  This was his favorite thing.  I used to do this with Aric and his tot school work.  It's always a favorite to make a train.  He drove that "train" all over the kitchen!

Onto some non-printable tot school...

He loved doing this numbers 1-5 puzzle over and over again.
 IMG_2943 IMG_2944

He loved putting magnets on this O is for owl magnet page.  He did this several times all week long.
 IMG_2940 IMG_2939

His "wall of fame" right above his trays.  Also pictured here is his O is for owl craft, shapes he glued on paper, and dot painting Oo's.IMG_2938

A basket with all kinds of "Oo things" in it that sat on the top shelf of his trays.  He had fun exploring this basket all week.IMG_2901 IMG_2914

Mom's favorite

Blowing bubbles such a fun way to play! IMG_2905

I'm linking this up with Carisa's Tot school gathering place.


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