Thursday, June 6, 2013

Now that it's summer time...

Here are some of the things we have been up to lately.  I'll start off with our most recent field trip.  We had the opportunity to go see a K9 police officer demonstration this week.  It was pretty neat, and the kids loved it.  I even loved it.  We all learned a lot about how dogs are used on the police force!

Waiting for the demo to begin.  It took a while, but it was worth the wait.

They brought the dogs around so everybody could get a close look and maybe even a pet.


It was hot, so we had ice cream afterwards!  This kid was so nuts by the end of the demo, but he did pretty good.  Once the dogs started showing some action he watched pretty good.


Next up we have Sudoku!  Almost Unschoolers has been very inspiring with her daily summer activities.  So, we are going to do some of them too!  This giant sudoku game taped to the floor was great for my boys.  It helped my 7 year old to really be able to grasp the logic.  Even the 4 year old could do it with some hints.  He figured it out real quick.  Lots of fun!

This is the puzzle before anybody solved it.  I did as suggested and had the pieces taped so they knew not to move those ones.


Here is our next summer fun activity.
A giant bubble sheet!  This was so fun to make, and really it was a learning experience too.  The kids and I all worked together to figure out how to get the sheet to keep the air inside enough to make it bubble up so they could go play inside.  There is a fan blowing air in where the stool is, and the tape worked great even though it looks all pieced together.  I'm sure there is something more high tech we could have used, but it worked.

IMG_3583 IMG_3592 IMG_3590

So, funny thing, my boys think my little pony is great.  They love watching the shows, and that led to some crafts.  Here we have my 4 year old's collection of ponies he has made.  He still has a few more  characters to make.  These are fun to make real quick on a quiet morning.  Of course April likes making them too.  She has her collection too.  I can't currently find the blog where I found these, but it was on pinterest.  I'll link it when I can find it.


Another fun craft we picked up at Target for a dollar I think.  This is a sand art craft.  You peel away paper that is covering sticky, and cover each layer with different colors of sand.


And finally, Aaron was very excited to receive an envelope from The White House.  He wrote a letter to the President for President's day (with much encouragement to find something nice to say), and he received this back.


 How is your summer going?


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  1. Writing to the President for President 's Day is such a good idea! So glad your Sudoku was a success :)


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