Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock museum field trip

Our summer learning fun continues!  We had a good time today on a field trip to the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals.  My boys were so excited to go, and they sure weren't disappointed.  They loved it all.  When we arrived we were greeted by this cute little old mining car with some fake gold in it.  The boys wouldn't let me leave without getting a picture of it.


This is a pretty neat picture in the floor of one of the rooms.

Aaron standing by the "fools gold" also known as pyrite.  It's much heavier than gold, and it won't smoosh when hit with a hammer like gold will.IMG_3763

Rhodochrosite.  This crystal is more rare than diamonds.  We learned a lot about this particular crystal with a movie all about how it was found in the Colorado mountains. IMG_3762

Aaron is sure he wants to find and buy a smaller piece of a rhodochrosite someday.
Here he is by the "The Alma Rose" rhodochrosite cyrstal that this museum has.

Alex loved the rocks too.  He may not have gotten all of it, but he had a good time.  Here he is showing us the beautiful rocks embedded in the fire place hearth.  The whole house that this rock museum is located in is made of all beautiful materials.  Many of which are rocks!IMG_3760

My little guy showing me his rock that he picked up from the pile.  He even picked one from the store that he liked.  Guess he's starting his collection now too!  This kid loves rocks just as much as his brothers!IMG_3759
It was a fun day.  My boys are already planning to go back.


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