Thursday, June 27, 2013

summer fun and learning

We have been pretty relaxed in our learning/homeschooling for the month of June.  This is just a few of the things we have done in between playing at the park with friends, field trips, and whatever else comes up.

This is a little 4th of July fun.  I put food coloring on the spoons and then covered each spoon with baking soda.  The kids had to guess which color was which, then mix it in the water to find out if they were right.  We did red, white, and blue for 4th of July, but this would be fun with a lot of colors too.


Then we painted red, white, and blue stars with cookie cutters.  So fun!IMG_3699

My boys wanted to learn how to play Monopoly.  We sat down one afternoon and played.  It's so fun that they are getting old enough for board games!

Aaron decided to buy a snow cone maker so the boys have been having fun making lots of snow cones.

Aaron made this picture of a house on his geoboard.  Both boys have been making some fun designs on these.  These are great for a lazy afternoon.IMG_3697

April was bored one Sunday afternoon, so she and I made one of these hair clips from her American girl hair stuff kit.  It's pretty cute.

Playing trains for the little boy.  He loves trains, and wants to play them everyday.  He has also been finishing up some tot school letter C pages.  He's picking things up quickly!

All 3 older kids have started a summer journal.  Our goal is to write everyday.  I give them a prompt or a picture, and they write about it.  I just picked up some composition books and put this printout on the front.  I really want to focus a lot on writing and reading this summer, so this is one of the ways I'm hoping to get them all writing more.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly what our plan will be next fall.  For now I'm enjoying summer, and relaxing!  Hope you are too!


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  1. I love the little ones hat. My Liam has decided he really likes hats.


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