Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some lego fun

We've been having some fun with LEGO's around here lately.  It started with the class I was teaching at our co-op, and history.

When we jumped back into history a few weeks ago after the Christmas break one of the activities (for chapter 16 in Story of the World volume 1) was to build  Assyrian siege towers made out of LEGO's.  It was great to see how their vision of a siege tower.

April's siege tower:
side view of April's tower

back view

Aaron's tower

front view

Since I couldn't teach the class anymore at co-op, and we are home on Wednesdays now, I decided we'd do a little lego "class" on that day for the boys.  We started this last Wednesday morning.  I gave them a challenge to build something from Mexico if they wanted.  Or they could build what they wanted.

Aric didn't want to build something from Mexico, so he created his own things.


Aaron took the challenge and built a sombrero.  Here's his mini sombrero for the LEGO mini-fig.


Then he made a sombrero of his own.


Since Wednesday was going to be "mini-fig" day at the co-op class, I made it mini-fig day at home too.  I gave them this create your own mini-fig coloring sheet.  This was their ticket to pick out a mini-fig at Bricks and Mini-figs later that day.  I decided it would be a fun treat.  They always love going to that store.  They had to color their sheet as best they could and really work hard on it.  They did!

Aric's mini-fig.

Aaron's mini fig holding an ipad.
April's mini-fig as herself with some favorite books.
Alex's mini-fig.
We had fun at the store, of course.  It's kind of fun walking through a store with wall-to-wall LEGO's.

They had an abundance of mini-fig choices.  We also had taken the bottles and cans on the way in so each child had a little spending money too.  It was fun to see them make the best choices for their little amount of money.  So many good lessons we had that day!  I agreed to buy them one mini-fig that was a build your own, or very very inexpensive.  Whatever else they wanted they had to buy on their own.  They came out with some great new treasures.

Here is Alex's new mini-fig.  He was so excited about his.


One last thing.
To go along with the LEGO theme.

This LEGO tower game is pretty fun too.




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