Wednesday, May 7, 2014

chalk pastels art: angry birds

I just love how easy a chalk pastel lesson is, and how much we all feel like great artists after doing one. 

We did a fun one this time, Angry Birds!  I discovered that hodgepodge has 50 free chalk pastel tutorials on their website, so we are going to start doing some of those.  The boys really loved this one.  We didn't have any stuffed angry birds to look at so we got out our angry bird games and looked at the figurines in those.

I forgot to get action pictures of them drawing.  Mostly because I was doing it myself.  I love doing it too!

Here's Aaron's...


Here's Aric's picture.  He chose to do Angry birds space.  We have the space game so he did the birds from that one, and made a night sky with stars.  I thought that was pretty creative!


Here's Alex's picture.  I'm sure there's an angry bird in there somewhere! :-)

Here's mine.  I accidently made the red bird too big.  I'm pretty sure the white was supposed to be in that spot.  This was such a fun tutorial!


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