Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our week: the one with bees

This was life last week!  It wasn't much, just a few activities here and there in between swim lessons, and life!

We had a lot of free play with learning toys, and whatever the boys could find to do.  One day Alex found these cubes in the closet, and they sorted out the colors between the 3 of them.  Alex ended up with yellow and purple.


We have been on a bug learning path lately, so I thought the next bug that would be fun to learn about would be bees.  I pulled out our Honeybee tree game to play.


We started some bee lapbooks...


Aaron got this nifty little fingerprinting/stamping Jungle book set for his birthday to go with the movie that he also got for his birthday.  We watched the Jungle book.


Swim lessons.  Alex loves the water, and this is pretty much what he did each day while Aric was at his swim lessons last week.

Here's Aric with his swim instructor and the other kids in his class. 


I had Alex signed up for lessons at the same time, but he wanted nothing to do with a teacher, so I decided he would be better off just doing his own thing during this time.


Book and craft.  I found this great book at the library called Perfect Square by Michael Hall.  It's about a perfect square that is made into different shapes or pictures.  I gave each of the kids a "perfect square" and let them create something.  We had a fun art morning doing this.



An example of one of the pictures.  This perfect square was ripped into pieces and made into a garden.


Alex made his perfect square into a parking lot for his cars.


Aric made his perfect square into a scene from minecraft.  Although, he didn't quite get using just his square, and all of it.  That's okay, he did great after several squares of trying to come up with something.  It's not as easy as it looks!


Aaron's perfect square became a train going into a tunnel.

This is April's perfect square.  A present!  I think they all did great with their squares. 

We have been using the bug calendar connection cards from 1+1+1=1 this month.  The boys have loved reading about different bugs and bug stuff everyday.  These little calendar cards are packed with information!


We completed another all about spelling lesson for April.  I have to say these lessons really fit her learning style.  She also loves the writing station.


Another week down!  How was your week?

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