Thursday, May 15, 2014

ladybug crafts and fun

We spent a few weeks doing various ladybug crafts and activities to go along with the book, The very grouchy ladybug, but we still have yet to spot a ladybug!  Now that we are moving on we'll probably see them everywhere.

So, here are a few of the fun ladybug things we did the last 2 weeks...

We made paper plate lady bugs.  I had this planned for Alex.  He painted the plate, and was done.  But, my older 2 boys gladly made them once they saw what we were doing.  I love it when that happens.
Ladybug paper plate craft made by Aaron and Aric.  I had originally planned this for Alex, but he lost interest halfway through painting his plate.  Aric gladly finished for him!

I made this one up, cork ladybugs!  These turned out pretty cute.  I saw these cork love bugs, and thought wouldn't it be cute to make these as ladybugs.
I made up these cute cork ladybugs.  The boys had fun making these too.
All of the cork bugs lined up.

I think this was the funnest actvitiy.  We made ladybug cookies one afternoon.  
We had so much fun making these ladybug cookies!  They are surprisingly easy!  Idea found at Almost unschoolers.
They tasted really good too.  It's just sugar cookie dough with food coloring.
Here are Alex's activity trays.  He had a few other ladybug themed activities like counting, biggest to smallest, ladybugs on a leaf, and roll a ladybug.  I think he's finally done with these activities, and we're ready to switch them out soon.  FYI, these trays stayed this way for a few weeks.  I can't keep up with switching them out daily or even weekly.  I've tried, but I get too stressed so I've just decided to do what I can. 



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