Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fun with the book: The Yellow Ball (BFIAR)

We rowed Yellow Ball by Molly Bang last week.  We had a lot of fun with rowing this book.  It amazes me how a simple book can come alive with just a few simple activities, and reading it over and over again.   We did mostly simple things, nothing real big.  Just some fun memories with a yellow ball, a book, and a 3 year old. I love Five in a row.

Before we even started rowing, the Friday before we went to the park, and the yellow balls that I had just purchased for this row were in the van.  I kind of got excited and got several balls :-)  Mostly because yellow is his favorite color.

So, at the park he played with them in the river fountains first, then he played with the big playground ball when he was dry.  We had a blast bouncing that thing back and forth, as evidence in the pictures.

Chasing the ball down the fountain...

That ball was pretty popular, all the kids had fun chasing it down the stream.  Good thing I picked up 2!

Now he's dressed because he wanted to play with the other yellow ball.  This one quickly became his favorite.  I love that I just happened to put him in a yellow shirt, and his shoes had some yellow too.  It looks like it was all planned, but it wasn't.  Looks really cool though!


We had fun bouncing the ball back and forth, and all over the place!

He did a lot of running!

and some falling...

The excitement that this kid has for everything he does makes me smile everyday.

Just right for sitting on too!

We started out the week with a craft.  He made a construction paper yellow ball on a blue background.  This was all him, he loves cutting with scissors lately.


He really thought it was important to cut the ball in half, not sure why.  But here it is!

The next day after we read we decided to pretend we were at the beach.  We looked at the copyright page as suggested to see what kinds of things would be at the beach, then we got our beach bag out to see what we could pack.

This picture cracks me up!


Lets see...2 yellow balls, check.  At least 5 sun hats, check. Sunglasses, check. Sunblock, check. A sand bucket, check.

He loved this, and packed and unpacked things several times.  He would also carry the bag around the living room after he packed it.

And, in case you were worried we didn't have enough sunblock, well....no worries!

After he was bored with that it was time for some action!  He had fun being swung around in the towel with April.

He didn't know a beach towel could be so fun!

The next day we did some cooking.  He loves cupcakes, so I thought he would just love to make them "yellow ball" style.


We had yellow cake mix...

as many yellow cupcake liners we could find...

some yellow frosting, and viola we have a tasty treat!

We painted with yellow sponge balls one day, but he was not as excited about this as I thought he would be.


He did his one page, and he was done.

It was fun though.


His letter of the week was also B for ball.  He did lots of letter b activities too.


Some other books we read...

It's getting close to soccer time, so we read a few soccer books.  He wanted to read Froggy plays soccer everyday.  It quickly became his favorite too.


We read Pete the cat at the beach, and a few other beach themed books that I didn't get pictures of.  I don't really remember the names either.

It was a fun week!

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