Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our 2014-2015 Preschool plan

 Alexander, age 3.5

The plan for him is pretty simple since he is so young.  I only plan something for him because he asks for "school".  This what I will use for resources for him, but mostly he'll be doing his own thing playing, or joining us at the table doing his crafts and activities, busy bags, or computer when he wants (which is usually everyday). 


Before Five in a Row: This will be the spine for his preschool year.  I have collected as many of the books I can.  Some will have to be checked out because they are out of print and/or hard to find.

Starfall:  He will use Starfall for fun, and continuing his letters.

ABC letter of the week activities:  I will pick letters for him to focus on based on books we are reading, or interests, but we'll just do a lot of whole alphabet activities too!  With ideas that I find all over the internet.

Lots of play!
You can read in the new year after he turns 4: I think he'll be ready for the You can read program when he turns 4, so it'll be something new for him in a few months.

planning before five in a row: Yellow Ball

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