Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cut all the bushes down?

Yesterday was a hard day in many ways. It seemed like everything I did had some sort of obstacle, and I was beginning to wonder by dinner time if I should just go hide in a cave before anything else could go wrong.

One of our many mishaps this day. Alex falling down on our walk. Aric fell down too, and was covered with dirt!

While at the park in Wilsonville we were waiting for April to finish her violin lessons, and Aric decided to throw my keys to me. But between me and him was a big patch of bushes. Apparently he was aiming for the bushes, and missed me.

Well, it wouldn't be so bad except these were thick bushes and shrubs. Great. The keys were lost. I was hoping that he would see the urgency in this, and start looking immediately for them. He didn't, so I had to start jumping in and looking.

As I started looking myself and not finding them I started getting a little more worried. A lady arrived at the park with her son as we were looking. She asked what we were doing, and she immediately started looking too. These bushes were terrible and thick.

We were looking and sweeping through most of them. It was hot and we were getting frustrated. She suggested talking to the park city workers to see if they could help. Not a bad idea. I walked a little ways over to the barn where they often are, but no one was there. I decided to just keep looking.

Then, she says I think I'm going to drive and see if I can find someone, they can just pull all these bushes. What?! I am all for finding the keys, but I'm not sure I want them to pull them all. I am not sure I want to pay for all those bushes, and really pull all the bushes for a wad of keys? She was pretty serious too. So, she left to find someone in her car, and I kept looking.

Finally, there they were! Not even really under a bush, almost to the other edge that was closest to me. I was so thankful because we were late to pick up April at that point, and I didn't want them to have to cut all the bushes down. I couldn't wait around for the other lady to come back, but I did try to find her on our way out, and went to look at the other park parking lot to tell her that I found them and to thank her for her help.  I never found her. Hope she didn't think I was crazy and made it all up!

What do you think? Would you cut all the bushes down for some keys?

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