Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Homeschool Mother's weekly Journal: summer begins

Life this week... April was off on her first pioneer trek for most of the week. She left Tuesday and we picked her up yesterday (Friday) evening. She had some fun stories to share when she got home, and it sounds like it was a great experience. Her Dad sewed her a cute little pioneer skirt and shirt just before she left. I was amazed that he did that without any patterns. All of it! Great job Daddy!

Daddy sewing the skirt.

The makings of the shirt.

April the morning she left
And, she's home! This is the outfit that Dad made for her. 


She and her friend Emma. They had fun being together a lot of the week, but they weren't in the same family. So cool for her to reconnect with an old friend that she doesn't see very often.


Our summer fun this week...  We went bowling twice. The second time was just a last minute decision. We drove up to Wilsonville to see the bird man at the library, but saw the line to get in and decided we'd probably not make it in. It was raining, so the boys asked to go bowling! We got to the bowling alley and it was super busy. We almost didn't go in, but the boys really wanted to see how busy it was. On Mondays when we usually go, it's not very busy, so they were surprised to see the place packed. Luckily they had one lane open just for us! We didn't have to wait. The boys are really starting to like bowling, but I'm wondering about shoes. It'd be nice to buy some used shoes for them then we could make this an almost free activity. I tried Goodwill, but nothing.


We also went swimming twice, but I didn't get any pictures of it.

Learning this week... We received a new review product. It's an app on the ipad, and Aric was the first to try it out. I have taken on few less reviews this summer so I am down to about 2 at a time. I was having 5-6 reviews going at one time. That's a little too much for me, especially in the summer. I am trying to find balance in the reviewing world.


Accomplishments this week... I mopped my floor. Yes, I won't even say how long it had been. Or, the fact that I had this new mop in the box for a really long time before I finally cracked it open. I am happy to say that I still love a freshly mopped floor! It felt so good. Also, this new mop system I picked up at Costco is awesome (a Mother's day treat for myself :) The kids had a great time with the spinner part (it spins the mop to wring it out). How often do you mop your floor?



I am thankful for... A Dr. who is helpful, and in tune with how I am feeling. I saw her this week, and finally got some supplements that will help me. I am thankful for all this stuff that helps me feel better. Sometimes it feels like I'm taking a ton of stuff everyday, but some of it is very worth it. Some I could do without, but I'm still thankful it's there for the time being.


That about wraps up the week! 

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  1. wow! Your husband is amazing! My oldest would love a week of being a pioneer, how fun!


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