Friday, December 30, 2016

52 lists: my goals for 2017 (week 52)

I didn't participate nearly as much as I wanted to this year with the 52 lists. I got 13 14 out of the 52. I thought it would be great to think about this last one. My goals for 2017. I have already been thinking a lot about what needs to change in all areas of my life, and a new year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh, and make some goals. I always try to be realistic though. Great intentions, and ambitions can wane pretty quickly as life starts taking over again.

So, here are some thoughts for the coming 2017 year...

  • New adventures--I'm not exactly sure what kinds of adventures. I just know that the kids are getting older, and the zoo just isn't cutting it anymore, and it's "boring."
  • Strengthen friendships--I feel like I would like to connect better with old and new friends
  • More books--Both for me and for the kids.
  • More learning--We need a  new fire in our homeschool. I think we've all forgotten a little how fun learning can be. Going to try to re-light that fire this year.
  • Take some adult classes in something I'm interested in--not sure what this will be yet. Maybe some craftsy classes, or art classes at the local art center.
  • Do more puzzles!
  • Spend more time relaxing, and enjoying my family
  • Plant a garden in the spring--I'd really like to make this happen this year because it just hasn't for a few years now
  • I'd like to learn more about home preservation/canning
  • More camping trips--we had so many cancelled camping trips last year. Hoping that isn't the case this year.
  • Figure out something to improve my health/eating lifestyle, and exercise.
That about wraps up my very basic list of hopes and dreams for 2017.  Happy New Year!

52 lists with Chasing Slow


  1. I want to learn how to can! Maybe we could get Wendi to come over to my place and walk you and I through the process.

  2. "New Adventures" sounds like a great goal!

  3. I am so grateful that you participated in all that you did :) I was truly touched by each and every list. I'm raising my hand on the puzzles...I think I might pull one out tomorrow now that this post reminded me.

    1. Thanks, it really stretched me, but in a good way.


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