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Movie: Life With Dog (A REVIEW)

It's movie time for this review! I love to find good movies that have a lot of life lessons, or that remind us of things that are bigger than us. Life With Dog is that kind of movie. A movie that brings all kinds of emotions and thoughts to the surface even though the one that is experiencing them the most is on the big screen. It's a movie that makes you think about the hard things in life, but helps you to see the good that can come of them. This movie from Mill Creek Entertainment is also a mystery that you just might enjoy.

I received a DVD with a standard DVD case.

I received a DVD copy of Life With Dog. It came in a standard DVD case with an insert for instructions on how to get access to the digital version on the Mill Creek Entertainment website. That led me to make an account which gave me access to a whole library of movies and tv shows that I can purchase (some for a very small fee) and have available to watch any time.  There are all kinds of things to choose from in there, and I was glad to find another resource for watching good quality shows and movies at a cheaper price because we do not have cable.

A small view of the Mill Creek Entertainment library with other movies and tv shows to purchase digitally
The Movie:

Life With Dog is about a man (Joe) who had just lost his wife (Alice) of many years. She was riding her bike and was hit by someone who had fled the scene. It was unexpected and sudden. Three months later he was still struggling, but he didn't realize it. He thought he was fine. His daughter could see otherwise as she saw him suffer and get worse. He had dearly loved his wife and his dedication to her continued to show even after her death. He wouldn't talk to anyone about his pain, he had no faith to guide him, and his daughter was really starting to get worried about him. He lived alone until a dog started coming around and wouldn't leave his side despite his best attempts at getting rid of him. Eventually the dog started growing on Joe too, so he let him stay. This dog turns out to be the key to unfolding the mystery of how his wife died, and helps this old man cope with losing her, and begin his road to healing, and forgiveness.

Life With Dog movie cover
I enjoyed this movie. It's a movie with a lot of life lessons, and plenty of "feeling." There's a little mystery mixed in there too as he tries to unfold the reasoning behind why his wife was left for dead in the road, and who would do such a thing. This movie is also available on Amazon.

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Life With Dog {Mill Creek Entertainment Reviews}
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