Sunday, September 18, 2016

My homeschool mother's journal: Ch ch ch changes!

Life this week...

It's a new school year, and with that often comes a lot of new exciting things. Sometimes not so exciting as well, just necessary. One of those not so exciting, but necessary changes is that I will not be writing for the homeschool review crew anymore. It was a great blessing in many ways, but in other ways it was just too much. I had to let it go. I still might write a review about something that I receive that I really like once in a while if the opportunity presents itself. I'm glad to be moving on. I am excited for what that means for this school year. We might actually get to some of the learning that I set out to do at the beginning!

School this week...

The boys had their first day of charter classes on Tuesday. Alex had a blast in his PE class. If you look closely at this picture below he was helping the teacher by doing an example. He's there with the green shorts. There were 42 kids in his age level that day! It was pretty crazy, but fun. That's where we'll be spending half our Tuesday's this school year. They have a writing class that I want both Aaron and Aric to do so that is why we picked that day. The charter also offers classes on Thursdays, but I'm thinking one day a week is enough for us.


Alex had his first Sonlight lessons this week which included dinosaurs, and the letter F. He had fun finding some books at the library all about dinosaurs and any that started with the letter F.


Places we went and things we did...

Some of the fun and exciting changes are new activities and classes. Aric is now 8 so he gets to go to cub scouts. I finally got all his patches sewn on his shirt, and he was able to get dressed all up for scouts this week. He is very excited for his cub scout adventure. He went to cub camp during the summer as his first official scout experience, but now that den meetings are going he is excited to really get going on this adventure.


Another new change for Aric is starting cello lessons. He did a strings camp over the summer, and loved trying out the cello. Ever since then he has been asking to take lessons. I was very hesitant because of his age, but he kept asking, and the opportunity to do it cheaper than monthly lessons has come up. So, he'll be doing a strings class with other homeschoolers, and it runs until December. We are renting his cello through Willamette Valley Music Company, so we can decide at that point what he wants to do, if he wants to keep going or not. I'm excited to see where he goes with this. I would love to have another musician in the family.



Something fun...

We had a date night last weekend, and went to Famous Dave's. We decided to get the plate for 2 that featured a little bit of everything. Boy was this delicious! But, boy did it make both of us so full! I ate way too much of it, and pretty much made myself sick. But, it was a fun date!


Something I accomplished this week...

I almost have all the curriculum organized and together. I have been checking and re-checking lists to make sure we are getting all the books in and that we have everything. I still have a few missing books that I have to check and see if they are at the charter school this week, but it has been fun seeing all the new books. I hope to have a curriculum post up soon!

This was the batch of books we picked up on Tuesday at the charter school. It is most of Aaron's (5th grade).
I guess that about wraps up our week! Time for a new one!

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  1. Nice job on letting something good go so that you can focus more on what's best for this particular season. :)


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