Thursday, September 29, 2016

The 3rd grader

Now it's time to meet the 3rd grader!


Aric is my little knowledge seeker. He will try to find out something if he doesn't know the answer himself. He is excited to be in cub scouts this year, and looks forward to going to meetings each week. He also likes to work on his own to get his achievements done. This is the kid who will get all his work done in a timely manner, and knows how to get through it quickly if he wants to get to do something else fun or have free time.

Goals: writing, penmanship, and grammar. I would love to see him do some more notebooking this year.

Likes/dislikes: Aric loves science. I didn't realize that until the beginning of this school year when he declared that he loves science. He also loves EvanTube, and playing on the computer. He loves to cook, and wants to try new things in the kitchen all the time. Some of his dislikes are... writing and reading. It's like pulling teeth to get this kid to write anything, and reading is "boring." We are working on that.

Curriculum: He will be using Sonlight level D for his history, language arts, and science curriculum. For math he is still in Horizon's 2, but will move up to 3 hopefully this school year. He will use Homeart studio third grade for his art lessons. That will be the bulk of his homeschool. He's also doing a writing class at the charter school as well as cello lessons at a local homeschool organization called Village Home.


The science book mix-up. He now has 2 different Usborne science encyclopedias. I ordered the one on the left, but it turns out that wasn't the right one to go with his curriculum, so I had to order a really cheap copy of the one on the right which is the one he is supposed to have. We both really like the one on the left, so we'll keep it anyway. He is excited to have both now.


Evan-Moore Grade 3 readers' theater. I ordered this for him because he had a lot of fun last year with our co-op when they did a few reader's theaters. He was very excited to get this. We have yet to do one because we need more people. We might just have to double up on some parts to do it. It should be fun.


Hot Dots Let's master math 3. This is just a fun supplement I ordered for Aric. I thought it'd be something he'd enjoy. Not a lot of their curriculum is "fun" this year because it's a lot of books from Sonlight, so I thought this might be a fun addition.


That about sums up our 3rd grade choices for the year. Here's to a great 3rd grade year!

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