Monday, September 5, 2016

My Homeschool Mother's Journal: week 3

Life this week...

This was a week of changes in our family. I made the difficult decision of not continuing with our co-op this school year. I had no problem with that decision because it's just something I have felt we needed to do for a while, but certain children are really sad about it. So, to ease the sadness we bought a little kitty. Meet Salem. He is our new "class pet", and everyone (mostly) just adores him.


We named him Salem because all the kids are liking the show 'Sabrina, The Teenage Witch' right now, and of course there is a black cat as one of the main characters. This kitty sure is fun to have around.


 In our homeschool this week...

 The local schools started back up, so we spent the first day they were back writing why we are thankful to be homeschooling. I found most of the answers to be what I expected for some children. Others were a surprise. It was also back to seminary for April, and she now has it 5 days a week instead of just 4 as it was last year. We also had our charter orientation where we picked up curriculum, and got i.d. pictures taken. Alex was just so excited the whole time, and kept saying "I just love my new school".


We came home with 2 of the boys' curriculum. I didn't get Aaron's order in on time, so it wasn't there yet. It was fun to go through it all, and after we stacked all the books up Aric says "I have a lot of reading to do this year." Yep, he sure does. We are doing Sonlight (for K and 3rd) and Bookshark (for 5th) this year, so all the reading will be sorta new for us.


Alex just loved looking at all his new books. He was most excited to finally get his K level math book. He has wanted a math book like his siblings for a while.


So, I'd say this is just over half their books so far. I still have a lot coming that I couldn't order through the charter, and I also have to get the Instructor guides too.

Aric's 3rd grade Sonlight curriculum (not comoplete), and a few non-Sonlight books.
Alex's Kindergarden Sonlight curriculum (not complete), and a few non-Sonlight choices as well.
 Aric is so super excited for this science book. For some reason getting this book sparked something in him, and he keeps spewing out facts about science. He started reading it immediately. I am always surprised by these kiddos. I never would have thought he'd get so excited about a Science Encyclopedia because this is a boy that doesn't usually just pick up educational books on his own. It made me smile inside to see him get excited about a book.


Something we accomplished this week...

Well, I didn't accomplish this one, but my hubby did. We needed a change in sleeping arrangements for the boys' room. We had only a double bunk bed with a pull out trundle. Problem was the trundle was always in the way, and didn't always get put away. I decided it was time for a triple bunk, something we'd thought about a while ago. I told Michele that I didn't care what kind of triple bunk, just lets get one made or ordered. He decided to modify a loft bed that we already had! It worked out beautifully, and all the boys were happy with their bed last night. I am excited to get their room back in order, and get some better organization solutions for their room. I love that they can make their bed now without the trundle blankets and pillows laying about.


Something fun from the week...

I took the boys to the kids class at the local garden center. They were making terrariums, which I've wanted to do with the boys for a while, but just didn't ever get it together. Well, how perfect was this class? I didn't have to get anything, just pay the fee and a Saturday morning! The boys weren't so sure about it. They were afraid it'd be too girly because I made the mistake of comparing a terrarium to a "fairy garden". But, as soon as we arrived and they sat at a table with other boys who were making them, they were getting excited. They had dinosaurs for the boys, and little fairies for the girls. They had pink glitter too, which one of my boys used to the fullest. Can you guess which one? I love these little terrariums! The boys did too. They left all excited about their little creations.

See the little dinosaur in the red one? I'm not sure what happened to the green one's dinosaur.
Something from life this week...

The kitty is just so fun and sweet. It's like he's lived here for years. He feels and acts like he owns the place already. Alex loved when the kitty played cars with him.


That about wraps up our week. Now onto a new one!


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  1. We are loving Bookshark but having a hard adjusting to a schedule to our learning. Sounds like a good week. Cute kitty!



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