Thursday, October 20, 2016

Painting Christmas Ornaments (A Kwik Stix Review)


We had a little dose of Christmas early today as we crafted some ornaments with Kwik Stix paint sticks, and some ceramic stars. I was contacted by Kwik Stix to see if we wanted to do a holiday themed review with a new set for the upcoming gift giving holiday season. I happily said yes as we really enjoyed the first set that we received while I was on the homeschool review crew.


We received both the Neons and Metalix packs. These are both unique and fun colors to try, and different from the original set we received. The Metalix come out kind of shimmery as you can see in one of the stars below. The Neons are bright, and spread on a little thinner, but still look great.


They come in great little packages with plastic caddys. All organized and nice and neat. They look so inviting. All my children are drawn to these when I pull them out.

They come in tubes similar to glue sticks, and twist up just like glue sticks. There is quite a bit of paint in that little tube! We still have quite a bit left in our first set of Stix from a few months ago. They glide on the paper so smooth, and neat. No mess! Usually. Some kids can manage to push a little to hard and squish globs onto the paper, just like glue stick. But, it doesn't happen very often, and my kiddos have figured out how to get just the right amount. If any gets on the table I have found that it wipes right up.


I started out with some little ceramic stars that I picked up at Michael's earlier this week. One for each kid to decorate for an ornament this year.

They painted the stars however they wanted. Some used neons, some used Metalix, some used a combination. It was fun to see what they would create.
I loved how nicely these went on the ceramic stars. The colors stuck nicely, and they were bright. 


I encouraged them to cover the whole star, and they could easily do that and handle parts that they had already covered because this paint dries so quickly. It dries in about 90 seconds!

Even the teenager loves these. She got pretty creative with her star. These paint sticks are fun to use for the whole family, all ages. I even enjoy using them! They make a great addition to your artist's Christmas wish list. I am thinking these might be the gift of the season for some friends and family for us!


The end result was some beautiful, colorful stars. I plan to get some vinyl letters and put each of their names on them, and possibly the year. I think they will make a great keepsake for my children's ornament boxes, and they were so easy to make. This project took less than 15 minutes for the actual painting time. These are great for many surfaces, paper, wood, ceramic, poster paper, and canvas.

 *Disclaimer: This product was provided free to me for my honest review.

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