Saturday, February 25, 2017

F is for Face

Pie Face that is!

You want a game that really makes you laugh!?  Like the deep in the gut kind of laugh! I didn't think I'd enjoy playing this game at all, but we got it for one of my boys for Christmas, so I had to play it at least once. Well, when I sat down to play it with them I didn't realize how much I'd laugh, and how enjoyable it really would be. I thought I'd just be annoyed at getting splatted with whipped cream. Didn't sound like much fun at first. Boy was I wrong! We all had a blast playing together, and I wouldn't mind playing it again.

You really get the best feel of this game by seeing it in action, so here are some videos we captured from the night we played it...

No matter how many times someone gets splatted it still seems to be funny again and again!

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