Sunday, February 19, 2017

Our weekly notebook: Batman movie, scouts, and painting

Life this week...

Last weekend our garbage disposal started leaking, so we had to replace it. Aaron got a lesson in changing a garbage disposal, and was able to also mark off a webelos "fix it" requirement to fix a leaky sink (or something of that nature). We now have a working disposal, and no more leaks.


Homeschool this week...

This is one of those weeks where we don't have much in this category. At least nothing exciting to report on. It was mostly the usual subjects, and odds and ends.

A reading lesson with Eclectic Foudations. This is a review item we are trying out. I started out with Alex, but it was just too much for him, so I bumped it up to Aric. It's actually just about right for Aric's reading and grammar level.

Aric working on a lesson in Eclectic Foundations

I'm not sure why, but somehow we found ourselves building a fort on Monday morning instead of doing morning meeting. I think I was dragging my feet that morning, so I let them.


Art this week...

We signed up for another art lesson at Young at Art. These lessons are so fun, and this one was special because it was on Valentine's day. Aric and Alex did this, which really surprised me. I signed up for it, but didn't realize how "lovey dovey" the picture would be. Well, I was tempted to cancel, but felt like we should do it anyway. I'm glad I did because these boys loved it anyway. They enjoyed painting the little love birds!


Untitled Untitled

The final results:



Cub scouts this week...

Both Aaron and Aric have been working hard to complete all the requirements for their webelos and wolf badges and are recieving their big awards this coming week. This week in our webelos den we went to visit the mayor of Woodburn. It was a pretty neat visit that I myself found fascinating. The boys seemed to enjoy it. If nothing else, they enjoyed sitting on those big chairs! We also did a mock city council meeting, and learned how people's voices are heard. She even let them each hammer the gavel once.

The Webelos with Kathy Figley, Mayor of Woodburn

Our webelos den also had an outdoor activity for a good portion of Saturday. They had all kinds of outdoor stuff to accomplish, so they did all kinds of stuff including putting up tents, cooking with a dutch oven, and knots. It was cold, a little rainy, and very muddy, great fun for all these boys.

It took a few tries, but these boys finally got the fire started

Our fun group of boys!

Something fun this week...

We went to see The Batman movie last Saturday. They had this fun stand in Target.

Can you find Alex and Aric?

Everyone was pretty excited to see this movie. I guess that's why I got the funny smiles.


Something cute this week...

The kitty seems to always steal the show.


That about wraps up our week! I am linking this up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers' weekly wrap-up.

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