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CompuScholar (A REVIEW)

CompuScholar, Inc.

Having a good solid foundation of knowledge for computers and the internet is becoming more important everyday. Computers and the digital age are everywhere we go. It's even in our pockets with our fancy smart phones, or at the store with self-checkouts. We search for everything on the internet, and we use computers to help us in so many different facets of life that it's almost unavoidable. I have one child who is sure he will be doing some sort of career with gaming or in the computer world, and thought this review of Digital Savvy from CompuScholar, Inc. would be perfect for him.

CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design

The son that I chose to do this review, his name is Aaron, is actually a bit under the age range for the particular program that we chose (Digital Savvy). He is 5th grade, but since he is such a wiz on the computer already, and loves to spend time on it, I thought it would be a good fit for him to get a better understanding of the basics of the computer. He did great with this program, and even had a few great things to share about it (that I will share a bit later).

CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy

This course is one of many courses that are offered at CompuScholar. There are others that focus on web design, Java programming, and many more. All of these courses range from middle school to high school age depending on the course. It is all done online with many hands on projects throughout the lessons.

This course, Digital Savvy, is split up into chapters which contain 5 lessons each. Each lesson ends with a short quiz, and the chapter ends with an exam.

A view of the chapter menu from my account (the teacher's account). It looks exactly the same for the student (with different options in the menu on the left).

Here's how it works: My son logs on with his own student name and password. He clicks on the course he is working on, which was Digital Savvy in our case, and it takes him to the the chapter page. He chooses the chapter he is currently working on, and selects it. Finally, he scrolls to the lesson he is on, and chooses to watch a short video, read the text, or do the quiz. I also have a teacher account to log on myself that is linked to his. I can check his progress, and access the teacher guides.

Aaron reading the text portion of one of the lessons

Digital Savvy is a great program to get to know a little bit of everything in the computer world. It starts out with some very basic information about computers like what kinds of computers exist, how to identify peripherals, and where computers came from. He has enjoyed learning some neat facts about computers. The course goes on to things like word processing, social media, digital images, basic web page design, and many more topics. There are 25 chapters in all with the last chapter being the final project. He didn't get anywhere near the end of this program for our review period so we have a lot to look forward to still!

I asked Aaron what he liked about this computer program, and he said:
"I liked that it had both videos and text. I liked the extra information included with the text even though it wasn't all needed for the quiz, but some things were. I liked the quizzes after every lesson."

I also asked Aaron if there was anything he didn't like about it, he said:
"It was difficult to navigate the pages and find where I was, or which lesson I was on. That's it."
 I'd say I agree with him on that. He accidentally skipped the rest of a whole chapter because he didn't realize he hadn't finished the first one, but once he got to know it, he did fine.  Overall it is a great program to learn more about computer science. Very informational, and hands on. If you'd like to see what others had to say about CompuScholar, Inc. you can click on the banner below.

Digital Savvy, Web Design & Java Programming {CompuScholar,Inc Reviews}
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