Monday, April 17, 2017

M is for Math (games)

Sometimes we can find some really great games that involve learning, and the kids don't even realize how fun math can be! This is always a favorite way to do Math  or any school subject for that matter.

I made this rainbow math game that I found on Pinterest around St. Patrick's day time. It was a hit. I made it for my kids at home, and I also had it for a craft for my co-op class the day we studied Ireland.

The supplies are a rainbow made out of construction paper, dice, and some Fruit Loops. 


This game is played by rolling the dice, adding the numbers together, and putting that number of fruit loops on the matching color of the rainbow. The child works through all the colors, and then they can do it again! My kids also had fun trying it as a race to see who could get through all the colors the fastest.


This was such great practice for quick adding.


My 6 and 7 year-old co-op class really enjoyed it too.


After that game my little guy had fun throwing the big soft dice across the floor to see what he would roll. This turned into a math game too...


We practiced spelling number words for each letter he rolled. He couldn't remember how to spell a few, so I wrote them down. He could look if he needed to. This was a very spontaneous, unplanned game. Sometimes those are the best.


And for fun, because it happened on St. Patrick's day also, and it has to do with rainbows...

Our rainbow pancakes!


We made them on St. Patrick's day morning. I have wanted to do this for years, so this was very exciting and fun.


One boy couldn't even eat them because it was too "weird," but the rest really enjoyed them. They looked really cool in person.


That's it for the letter M. It's late, but at least it's here!

And, it was another week that I missed being able to link up because I was too late, but I was supposed to link up to this:

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