Monday, March 13, 2017

I is for It

Our family favorite game for this week is Spot It. We have a few versions of this game, both regular and Frozen (the movie).


We pulled it out today to play for a break in school today, so Alex is sporting our St. Patrick's day. We also started studying Ireland today.  This is the regular version. The boys are always excited to play this, and it's a fun game to just quickly pull out and start, it's so easy! The object of the game is to find a matching picture with the card that is on top of the deck. You take a card when you find the match. There are a few other variations in the instructions too, I believe.


It can get pretty intense trying to find a picture and grab the card quickly before someone else does!


That wraps up the letter I for this week! I am linking this up to:

A Net In Time Schooling

To see the other games I have posted about here is the list!

A is for aggravation
B is for Bingo
C is for Chess
D is for Derby
E is for Evening of Games
 F is for Face
H is for Hullabaloo 


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