Monday, March 27, 2017

Cub scout blue and gold banquet

Here's another edition of missed that post Monday!

This actually happened last month in February, but just didn't finish it to get it up on the blog.

From February 23...
We had our blue and gold banquet this week. It was kind of a big deal for our family because both boys advanced in their rank. Aaron received his Webelos and arrow of light, and Aric received his Wolf badge. He was very excited, although you wouldn't think that was the case with this picture!


The blue and gold banquet is like a birthday celebration for cub scouts, so it was fun to have such a big event for both boys happen to fall on a big pack meeting.


This arrow of light ceremony was different than usual. The Webelos leader arranged for the "order of the arrow" to come and perform it since there were so many boys receiving theirs. It was really special.


All the boys who received their arrow of light awards that night.


Aaron proudly displaying his arrow. He sure felt good that night.


Aric received his wolf badge, which is his first rank in cub scouts. He worked hard, and sure does love passing off adventures.


A short video I made of the Order of the Arrow ceremony.

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