Friday, April 7, 2017

L is for Laser Maze

So, I missed letter K. But I do have something for that, and will make it up later. For now here is our
letter L game for the week.

This is a single player logic game, but the kids often work together, helping each other, especially if the one playing is younger. Usually one kid gets it out, and the others all decide they want to have a turn, so while they are waiting their turn they help the other playing if wanted.


We started a school day with this game one day this week. There are cards with beginner, intermediate, and expert challenges on them. You can choose which level, and then you have to figure how to get the laser to make it to the target, but you have to figure out also which blocks, deflectors, and beam splitters to use.


You can't see it very well in the picture below, but you know you've reached the target when the red triangle lights up on the top from the laser.


The laser is definitely a high point with this game. I purchased this game several years ago because the kids' Dad works with lasers for his job. I thought it'd be a fun way for them to "play" with lasers too.


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  1. that sounds like a fascinating game..right up my alley.

  2. How fun! Our local museum has a table that does this with lights and the girls really enjoy it. To have a home game of it would be fun! - Lori

  3. What a fun game! I think I would like this more than the kids!!


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