Monday, June 19, 2017


I love books, and every once in a while I come across some really great ones that I'd like to share. Some are homeschool related, some are kids, and some are just for fun. So, I need to start sharing some of these little gems. I always find some of my best book recommendations through blogs, so here it goes...

I started reading Little Men last week. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through, but oh how I am enjoying this book! I have heard about it for years, but never picked it up until now. I decided it was time, and put a hold on it. I ended up with this particular copy which is a Focus on the Family, great stories series. It has some extras like you can see in the little yellow circle. I have found some great little bits of wisdom already.


Next up is Little Ree by Ree Drummond. This is the homeschooling Momma that has gone big with her Pioneer Woman cooking show, and line of kitchen products. She has a few books too. I saw that she had this new one out, so we put it on hold at the library. It's a cute story. We even made the special pancake recipe. Those were absolutely the best pancakes. I love that they are low in flour. You can find that pancake recipe on Pioneer Woman too.


I saw some recent reviews on this book, Knights in Training by Heather Haupt. It looked like something I could enjoy reading, and possibly implementing with my boys. Our library system doesn't have a copy yet since it's so new, so I decided it was probably worth ordering from Amazon. I have enjoyed it so far. I am only a few chapters into this one. This is possibly the kind of co-op class we are going to have for Aaron's age next school year, some sort of knights theme.


 Have you read any of these books?

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