Sunday, June 4, 2017

Camping ~ Oregon Coast

We escaped to the Oregon coast for a few days for an ocean boat ride and camping. First we headed to Newport Bay early Friday morning to catch our tour boat for a 2-hour tour. We joined a bunch of homeschool friends (that we didn't know) for the boat ride, but we got a great discount! It was through a place called Marine Discovery Tours. Not only do we go out and enjoy the beautiful ocean, but they have a whole bunch of educational stuff about crabs, and sea life. It was a great trip.

The 2 little boys were a little worried and nervous about this boat ride.  Alex passed the time waiting by looking at all the cool things around with Dad's binoculars, and that's the boat we were going on in the background.


This is Alex's "I'm not sure" face...

This is Alex's "I'm gonna do this!" smile...

We just started going, so Aric was still a little nervous too. This was just before the roughest part right before we went over the bar.

For some reason I didn't get any pictures out on the open sea, but all during the boat ride they had things for the kids to do. They let all the kids have a chance to drive the boat...

They caught and learned about crabs...

They all got a chance to hold one if they wanted to...

 I was surprised that Aric actually did it! He was the only one out of the 3 boys that wanted to.

 He got to hold the crab for quite a while, and this is his "I'm done" face.

After the boat ride we had lunch at Subway because we couldn't check into the campsite quite yet, so we had to kill a little more time. We arrived at the campground on Friday afternoon. We stayed at South Beach campground in yurt C28. We didn't take our trailer this time because it was such a short trip. After we got settled we already had to make a trip to Walmart. I had forgotten a few things.

On Saturday morning I woke up bright and early from my allergies. That's often how my mornings look, me with a box of tissues waiting for  the meds to kick in. Aric was awake too. We are talking 5:30am! It was a nice quiet morning. We just went outside and sat and enjoyed the birds.

Aric whittled sticks while I sneezed. Then, about the time everybody else was getting up, I was so tired I went and laid back down after all the sneezing finally settled down.

 Later Saturday morning we headed to the OSU Hatfield Marine Science center. That place is always pretty neat. Lots to see and do.

 Saturday afternoon we got ready for dinner and the evening fire. Aaron chopped all the wood...

We made chili and cornbread in the dutch oven...

 We sat around and did some coloring...

Lots of stick whittling...

And, then there was me, trying to keep myself covered from the sun. I got sunburned on the boat pretty well.

We were supposed to stay Saturday night too, but decided to come home early. We packed up at around 8pm, caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunset on the way out of Newport, and headed home.


 That's the end of our quick camping trip. The first one of the season for us!

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