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Math Refresher for Adults (A REVIEW)

Math Essentials

I love math. Those are not words I would have used in High School for sure, but now as a n adult I really like doing math so my love for it has grown. Am I good at it? That's another question for another day, but I am good enough to help my younger children in their homeschool math. It's the older kids' math that I really struggle with, so it's time to go back and learn it all again! Or at least refresh my memory! I was able to do just that with this review. I received a copy of Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials. It is the perfect refresher for this tired Mama brain that often can't remember how she did things back in her school days.

Math Refresher for Adults

I received the physical copy of this book, and it can be used either as a workbook, or you can copy the problems out onto a piece of paper so as to not mark it up. I chose to use it as a workbook. I started at the beginning, and was kind of dreading the simple adding and subtracting problems. But, as I started working through the problems I realized it was really great for my mental math. I started thinking how fast can I do these problems, and it became a challenge because I was doing them fast, and getting them right. I was not fast as a kid. This was amazing reminder to not stop learning or relearning as an adult.


Each page is broken up into sections. There is a review section. Then a helpful hints box, which is usually the refresher we need to remind us how to do the problem set in the lower section.


There is also a small box for notes. This is handy for working out problems, or writing down things you want to remember. The note box is not very big, and I could see how it might be beneficial to put all the work on a separate piece of paper for more work space especially as you get farther in the book. It does go through fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, pre-algebra, and algebra. It's a very quick, brush over the basics of a lot of math, but packed with a lot of information and problems to work through. Definitely a great way to get your brain back up to speed on math!


This book is definitely a refresher. You have to have some basic understanding of most math concepts. It doesn't really have a lot of in depth tutorials on the why or the how. Just hints and reminders of concepts, and lots of problems to work through. But, it does build on the previous pages/concepts within the book, and flows through many different concepts really well.


I highly recommend this book for any homeschool Mom or Dad, or anyone wanting to refresh their memory for the joy of just learning. It's also great for anyone who is preparing for a test for a job, or a job that requires a lot of math. There are many reasons that adults still need to do math! Just try it out! You'll be amazed at how much you remember, and how quickly it comes back.

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